eAlign audio feedback

It would be very useful to have a sound guide in the ealign tool, so it was not necessary to constantly look at the screen of the laptop to perform the alignment.


Hi, we're working on this. Stay tuned!



Yea.  Maybe a tone, but maybe even a speech synthsis readout of the signal numbers?

good idea

Whats the timeline on this?

i agree completely!

one of my favorite features of the 320 cpes. 

Align beep app Android.. please !!!!

On 05-07-2015 -  said: 

Hi, we're working on this. Stay tuned!

Hi.  Is this really being worked on for 3 years?  :D 


at least it can be implented to cnArcher ;)

Great Idea! Its Posible? Some News?

An alignment tone on the SMs would be a wonderful idea!

I agree, that is one of the features we enjoy the most on the 450 platform when honing in the dishes. Would absolutly love this in the ePMP one as well, we are starting to migrate to use ePMP as our primary so would be worth its weight in gold for sure. 

5 YEARS - it’s a BEEP!

it seems a great idea

This is yet another idea which has been ‘under consideration’, and which ‘we’ve been working on’, for the better part of a decade. It really should take a junior programmer a day or so to implement many of these feature requests.

yes, thanks for your quick and useful response. . .

i think its still under consideration

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Not to worry - in 2015 they said that they are working on it! :person_shrugging: