eAlign Blips

I have a PTP link that is 1.4 miles, LoS using Force110s. I have an issue where when viewing eAlign on the AP side only, the RSSI blips to a value that is very high for split seconds. This link isn't in production yet, so I'm not sure of any ill effects a customer would see. The SM side of things look OK, but I'm curious if anyone else has seen this. Latency is also OK during these spikes. I'm typically between 16ms and 22ms with 0 packet loss(5ms frame size). I'm on 2.6 on a TDD PTP link in DFS. Screenshot is below.

I haven't seen this myself, but perhaps it is just a web UI issue?  Assuming the path is truly clear and things are mounted well, I can't imagine what else might cause the drops unless the link has some sort of reflective surface in the path that might be intermittent.

I'm hoping this is a GUI issue as well. We plan to put this into production shortly, so hopefully the user doesn't see any issues. If they don't, I'll chalk it up to a GUI issue. The path is very clear, and with the Force 110s, I doubt that I'm hitting any buildings/reflecting off of anything, but that can be investigated.

it also happens to me the same thing on a pollegamento ptp, happens to me only one hand