Ed25519 ssh public key

I am wondering if or when ed25519-format public keys may be supported for cnPilot? I am using firmware 4.2.1-r12 and the key is validated by the Management area in cnMaestro, but it does not work. Only RSA-format keys are working.

Thank you


Are you facing any security issues with RSA-format keys?


Thanks @nirajlochan

Yes, the issue we face is some organizations we work with do not allow RSA keys anymore. So we switched to ed25519 keys some years ago. It is nice to not have to manage so many keys, so it would be great if Cambium gear could accept ed25519 format keys as well.

I notice that cnPilot uses Dropbear (but an old version: 2019.78). Dropbear was updated in Jun 2020 to support ed25519 keys:

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@Luke_Hamburg , I’ve added this to our roadmap. Targetting Q1/Q2 2022. Thanks for raising the request.