eDetect for interferers on overlapping and adjacent channels

It would be nice if there was a way for eDetect to find interferers that are not on the exact same channel as the ePMP SM, but are still causing interference - for example, we might have the ePMP on 5.745ghz, and the customer's router is on 5.765ghz, but eDetect will never see it, or even if the ePMP is on something like 5.77ghz. This is especially becoming more of a problem with a lot of the new AC routers defaulting to 80mhz wide channels.

This mode would be incompatible with the way eDetect works today.
(listen during unused TDD-Tx frames)

To look into adjacent channels, the tool would have to drop all connections, and switch/listen to the multiple center frequencies close to the one being used. 

I see some value in adding this feature (being able to see the SSID of the interferers helps a long way in finding out where it's  coming from, etc), but since the radio would have to drop the connections, you might aswell run the ACS tool, and take a look in all the spectrum.

But the combination of the option to look in adjacent frequencies "Site Survey" style, and being able to run ACS without having to ""enable / run / revert the automatically populated frequencies / disable"" would be very welcome. 

About the 80mhz channels, there is a worst case scenario where you have a lower interferer in "Ceee" mode, and an upper interferer in "eeeC" mode. 

Since the beacon of the 80mhz AC frame is transmitted only in the control-channel, but you are actually being interfered by the extension ones, you have to scan a pretty wide chunk of spectrum to be able to find those interferers (something like -90 to +90 Mhz from the desired center). 

Yes, I know it wouldn't work the way eDetect currently works, but I don't see dropping the connection as a problem, since this would primarily be needed on the SM. How I would see it working, would be to drop the connection, run a full scan for 802.11 APs, and then re-establish the link and display the results of the scan.

ACS doesn't really help, in the situations I'm talking about, since that's only going to be happening on the AP... what I want is a way to scan on the SM for nearby routers that are interfering, which the AP can't even see in a lot of cases.

KUDO KUDO. :)  There really is a dearth of diagnostic tools in ePMP.  We can't run a SA from the client side and eDetect doens't show interferers unless they happen to be on the same channel and width.

Even if you can use eDetect and discover that there is interference - there is no way of predicting if an AP channel change will help or not.  So, if the AP is on 5745 and if we want to try changing to 5765, there is no way to predict if that will or won't be better or not. We all basically need to make the change blindly and just hope it's better for people, with no way to tell other than the how frequent phone calls are.  :(