Education Market. Using cnPilot for K-12 Education

Check out this blog on the US FCC e-rate program webinar that Cambium hosted last month.

That blog and webinar focuses on e-rate in the US.  But it brings up some interesting points to consider even outside of the US FCC e-rate funding program.

Bandwidth needs are increasing for eveyone.  you already knew that, nothing new there.

However, school's don't deal with these issues every day like you and I do.  They don't understand the impact of new devices on the network and often complain that "the network doesn't work anymore".  It's not the network, it is most often the newer devices.

there are three solid reasons to upgrade a K12 network right now.  The really good news is that Cambium networks will:

1 - gladly do a technology demonstration for any K12 school.

2 - price the solution so that schools can put one AP per classroom, instead of sharing one AP across multiple classrooms.

check out the short blog if you have a few moments.


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