effects of Smoke or poor air quality

Hi Guys,

hoe someone can give me some info regarding this issue,

I have a radio link of 122km between master and slave, and experience intermittent issues as soon as the air quality becomes visibly poor, so obviously the air quality has some sort of influence on the radio link.

is there someone out there who can elaborate as to the effects smoke and bad air quality can have on a radio link of this caliber?

as much info as possible is needed,

many thanks!!!


Air quality could be having two effects on such a long link (122km).  Ducting could certainly be occurring due to temperature changes at different elevations and often happens over such a long link.  It is also possible (but less likely) that there is smoke or smog contributing particles in the air causing extra path loss.

How is the link performing compared to the LINKPlanner prediction? 

If you could send the linkplanner file through the help e-mail address within LINKPlanner someone on the team will take a look as this sounds like an interesting link.