Elevate 2.4ghz ETA?

Is there an ETA on the 2.4GHZ ubiquiti gear for Elevate yet beyond Q1 2017? We're itching to elevate over 1000 RocketM2 radios.

We don't have a more specific date just yet, but that is still the date range we are aiming for.

Awesome! I only have 28 because I already made the switch to Cambium awhile back, but this will save me from doing that many truck rolls!

Any movement on this?

Planned for release 3.4 in late April.


Cannot come soon enough.

Thanks Alex.

We getting close to late April... any updates on when we might see something for 2.4ghz?


We’re working hard towards a beta release by the end of the month. It’s release 3.4.


With Elevate moving to the 2.4ghz platform will 2.4 be only supported by the epmp1000?  Or is there a epmp2000 2GHZ model coming?

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Sunday is the 30th, do you think we will get the firmware today?

3.4 beta release with 2.4 GHz support is now available. 


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How do I get beta access?

We need this despritely. 

Found it