I think it is interesting to add to the friend's comment above that the possibility of migration of the equipment mentioned above and the equipment that I will mention will be easier for you, since there is a competitor of you called ligowave that instead a commercial partnership with the manufacturer "INTELBRAS" to import and exchange of technology with the Brazilian industry, several models are identical, others change few things.

It is not necessary nor to make other comments on the ligowave because their equipment are excellent use in my national and imported supplier distributed by Intelbras for years and are sensational in performance.

To my reality I did not migrate my entire structure to cambium due to non-compatibility with intelbras models.

Here are the most used models:

More current models that I think will have greater usufruct with cambium MIMO


Legacy models SISO


I believe that they are losing a great part of the Brazilian market for not investing in elevate for the intelbras because from 2016 until now I believe that it has become the equipment of greater use and confidence of the Brazilians. I believe that he managed to be very clear in informing the way of the stones for the success in Brazil.

I am available for clarification and tests, if you have interest in my call center +557730868790, option to wait to speak with attendant and request contact with the company's project manager.

Dean Murilo,
Grateful and confident in an answer