Elevate makes 3 Ghz possible?

Since a Rocket M3 is internally a 5Ghz radio with a 5 Ghz to 3Ghz downconvertor, could Elevate potentially make a 3Ghz ePMP solution possible?

I know this would mean that Cambium would still have to make a 3Ghz ePMP GPS Synced AP... but since they wouldn't necessarily have to design or built or stock a whole line of 3Ghz CPE's and antennas, Elevate does maybe thrown a new factor into their internal thought process of a 3Ghz ePMP solution.

Basically, a ePMP GPS 5Ghz Access Point with a 5Ghz / 3Ghz downconvertor (such as one licensed from from http://www.dbii.com/f36N-PRO.html)  might give a migration platform for all those 3Ghz UBNT networks out there.

That's probably a long shot with the 3Ghz rules that are changing, but I just thought I'd propose the idea. :)

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Hi ninedd, 

As answered in the webinar, there are no plans to spin a 3 GHz version of ePMP at this time. However, we are always evaluating the market and adjusting our roadmap accordingly. If I may trouble you, would you be kind enough to post this in our ideas section?