Elevate makes buying a competitor possible

Elevate also changes the dynamics of buying out a competitor also. I have thought over the years of either selling to, or buying out a local competitor. That thought process has kinda always broken down at the step where we use different brands, and that's got all sorts of complications.

So, do we buy him out, and then still have to upgrade all his old clients to Cambium (HUGE cost twice).  Or do we buy him out, and then live with managing two different brands (not impossible, but...).  Or do we buy him out and keep running his tower/AP infrastructure (not ideal if the goal is to consolodate things for lower operational costs...) Or...  argh, nevermind. That's usually how that thought process goes - too complicted, too expensive, and we'd have to drive everywhere and have to rebuild a bunch of everything.

Now, this adds another good possibility into the mix. If mostly all of his CPE hardware can be made compatible - some of it even over the air with no truck roll (in locations where our towers are close to each other or lined up with each other).  Or, we hang new Cambium AP's on his towers, upgrade everyone over the air, and they may immediately see a performance and reliability boost without us having to drive to every client. Certianly this would still be complicated and still be lots of work - but it certainly just got easier and it adds another good option into the pot.


VERY good point!

You make a very interesting point, and this is something we've chatted about to a couple of operators.