Elevate on Mikrotik lhg firmware 6.45.x

Good morning,
until the last supply of Mikrotik lhg we managed to carry out elevate. With the latest models received, released with 6.45.x frimware, it is no longer possible to downgrade to version 6.40.x so it is not possible to perform the elevate. How can we solve?

It sounds like you are buying Mikrotik for the sole purpose of using Elevate.

Elevate was meant to be a stepping stone into buying epmp products and slowly migrating your network over, not to keep buying a different brand to put software on.

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We know the purpose of the elevate program. The antennas I am referring to were mounted in a location where a mikrotik sector was active, now replaced with epmp 2000. it is obvious that we prefer to use Cambium equipment, in fact where we do not use high we mount epmp 180,190,200 and 300 on Epmp 3000.