Elevate problems

Hi Team,
We have 600+ device on cambium elevate and also have some problems and need help
1.Main problem is update on xm device (not all xm device have this problem )
When try update xm device from rc3.3,3.3,3.4 , device get freeze in different phase of update progress .After reboot  device run with old fw  or become 10mb/s
In most case double reboot help . In 99% tftp recovery helps for recovery using elevate fw.
Device uptime 4min-10hour. Also are some device what always ask for reboot in cycle.

2.Lan drop on Locom5 (xw and xm mostly on xw) and on Beam19
On locom5 lan drop average 2-8 hour  after restart work`s few four and drop
Update to 3.41 and 3.5 ,reset to default , recovery witch elevate fw don’t help                 
On beam 19 lan drop after 3-7 day  update to 3.5 like it helped but when try restore  witch json config get networklanspeed error  show what parameter need add to config.

If I remember correctly, I had similar issues updating XM devices early on, and I got around it by using SNMP commands to update them, instead of through the web interface.

The other thing that I've run into with the XM devices, is that a lot of them are just old, unstable hardware - for example, we've been seeing a lot of flash memory failures on the older radios lately, and I suspect there are other age-related problems as well with some of these radios.