Elevated Ping Times on 450M AP

We are noticing higher than expected ping times on APs.  First noticed pings a bit over 100ms from an AP to our NTP server.  Then while on the AP, we pinged the AP itself (Tools->Ping Test).  The ping averaged 106ms, so to me that rules out the NTP server and the path to the server as the main problem (other non-Cambium devices are utilizing the NTP server just fine).

We are on an older firmware 15.1.5.  The reason is the subsequent releases have had bugs that make us nervous.  Stability is king for us.  We were going to try out an AP on the newest 16 version but that radius authentication bug is a deal breaker, so until that gets fixed we are staying on the older version.

Has anyone else seen this ping issue on newer firmware?  Is there any reason why we might be seeing the elevated ping times when pinging the AP from itself?  That makes us believe the issue exists somewhere in the firmware networking stack.


Hi rnelson,

The "PING Test" tool checks for the ping response approximately once every 100ms.
The main purpose of "PING Test" tool was to verify the connectivity.
Please do not use the "PING Test" tool to measure latency.


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Thanks for the response Balaji.  Is there another tool available on the AP to test latency?

I'm afraid, there are no other tools on the AP/SM to measure latency.