Email Alerts

Hi All,

Has anyone managed to get email alerts to O365 working for when Access points go down?

I know the onsite controllers have the options “Application > Settings > Notification” then email alerts

But I cant for the life of me find any guides for the Cloud version: CnMaestro - Version 3.1.0-r77

Even a daily report with the online offline numbers would be better than nothing?

Thanks Leon

I am looking forward to the solution as well. There’s no guidelines available other than a previous forum thread.

cnMaestro X has it in ‘Administration / Settings / Notifications’. For some reason it would not email to my domain, but was fine with Gmail - hmmmm.

If you have issues with email deliverability, please raise a ticket with the support team. There are various reasons why email addresses can end up on block lists that then prevent further delivery; the support team may be able to clear the blockage.

Hi Simon,

Its more the initial setup, as in when a critical alert happens (example WAP offline due to loss of power)

That an email goes to the admins, we have an MSP cnMaestro cloud setup and for some reason all the notification settings are not available to “Administrators” and Super Admin does not seem to be an option.

The notification emails being blocked by SPAM settings or not having a SMTP relay is not what the request is regarding.

Once we have a working solution i will share on this thread

Many thanks Leon