Emission Codes

Hi, where can I find the emission codes for the following:

  • 13 Ghz PTP13820S
  • 11 GHz PTP11820S (Wide)
  • 11 GHz PTP11820S

Hi Aaron,

Not sure of your location but if you are making application for spectrum with the ACMA  - then the following will help.

80M0D1DW - 80MHz wide channel  - The PTP820S Wide 11GHz radio supports an 80MHz channel. FYI, The PTP820S Wide can also support a 40MHz wide channel.

40M0D1DW - 40MHz wide channel  - The PTP820S 11GHz radio supports a 40MHz channel

28M0D1DW - 28MHz wide channel  - The PTP820S 13GHz radio supports a 28MHz channel

Not from this part of the world - Apologies in the info above is not suitable.


Thanks Brook, greatly appreciated.