Emission Designator code for 18GHz PTP820S

Does anyone know what is the Emission Designator code for 18GHz PTP820S on 27.5MHz channel bandwidth


The emission designator is in a generic format. You can check ITU-T website for ETSI or FCC as per your applied regulations. It is not binded to a specific cambium product/manufacturer but based on details of spectrum, bandwidth ocupied, multiplexing scheme etc...

Hope this is useful :)


The emission designatot code for PTP 820S at 27.5 MHz bandwidth is 28M0D1D

Hi Rachael 

Thank you for the info. Unfortunately this particular code is not accepted by the Australian Regulatories when we had applied for license issue.

I dont have any problem with the 23GHz emission code but 18GHz on 27MHz channel, the code is for some reason not working. 

Is this same for Ceragon? Do advise 


Hi Rachael

The emission code should have been 27M5DID 

Thank you for your feedback thou! :)