Enable local syslog collection

PTP 650 and PTP 700 can be configured to generate informative syslog messages. These messages record status changes, changes in configuration, and significant events like management users logging on or logging off. The syslog messages can be recorded internally in the ODU and additionally transmitted in the management network to a separate syslog collector (sometimes called a syslog server).

The syslog feature is disabled by default so it's a really good idea to enable syslog for local collection, even if you don't have a separate syslog collector in the management network. There's no donwside to recording syslog messages and there's a good possibility that the log will help to explain some unexpected behaviour or even detect a malicious attempt to interfere with your network.

The syslog feature is enabled for local collection of messages by setting Syslog State to Enabled in the web-based interface like this:

If you want to send messages to an external collector, you also need to set Syslog Client to Enabled.

The locally collected syslog messages are displayed in the Syslog page on the ODU like this:

In this example, we can see that the wireless link was down briefly (Entries 3438 to 3441). I then logged in (3442), changed a password (3443), turned SNMP off (3444), resulting in a reboot of the ODU (3445 to 3450). Finally, I logged in again (3451) to take the screen shot.

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