Enabling Maestro alarms to actually SMS or Email alarms?

Maybe I am really slow, but I assumed that a critical feature of cnMaestro would be to alarm or alert admins when flagged network components go down.  Not each time a SM drops off, maybe, but for APs or WiFi boxes, it would surely be important to know about it as soon as it happens.

So, two questions:

1)  Am I just stupid?  Are these alarming features available somewhere and I am missing it?

2)  If not, when can we help you develop this notification module for cnMaestro?  Or is it expressly NOT a roadmap feature expected (in which case I assume a API would be released so it can interface with ITTT or some other setup.



We are planning on adding an email notification feature.  This is targetted for the end of Q2. 

More generally, we plan to provide a set of APIs in the 2nd half of this year and are interested in obtaining feedback on the exact types of API functions you need.  If you have specific APi calls you would like to request, please email me at emilio.dibenedetto@cambiumnetworks.com.

Q2 has come and gone. If you expect people to use this it need to be maintained. The alarm clearing has not been fixed and you still have no way of send notifications out to admins.

If cloud management is included, it needs to work.

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We are planning to update our cloud servers in a week which will have all notification alarm fixes.

SMS bases notification is pushed out of Q2 for now and we will update you soon about the availability.

Did I miss this?? Where are the alarm notifications set up?

Hi ,

In current cnMaestro version this feature is not available. It will be available in the upcoming releases as many customers already asked for it.



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Without this feature I can not consider it a true management platform. It doesn't make sense to have someone sit around and watch things 24/7. Heck, even UBNT UniFi has alarm notifications. Not very good ones, but they have them. We need to receive alerts when things go down and come back online.

Hi tallmand -- we are going to start off with email alarms soon (in the next two months), and then expand to a more comprehensive Alarm Policy later in the year (with more options). In the interim, we are looking to add WebHooks support. I expect that to be this summer, but we are still finalizing the specifics, and the third-party services we will support.


Is email / sms notification done yet?

We are also awaiting email and/ SMS alarms. 

Definately needed here!!!

They told me in March, two months. Still nothing.

Still nothing? I thought this is a tool that just has to be there.

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Any news about this? Would come in handy...

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Hi ktmw -- we plan to have a basic version of email alarms in the next couple months as part of the 1.7.x series of releases. We are still finalizing the exact time frame; however, it is high on the list of priorities.


Nice to know, I've been following this thread for nearly two years.


When will the 1.7.x version be coming out? Email notifications for basic up/down status should be basic component of any network management platform. This is thread is going on two years old and we still don't have basic functionality.

What is the timeline for this 1.7.x version to become available?

Who knows at this point, but without that I don't consider it a monitoring system. They said a couple months back in November. I've been waiting for much longer than that. Not holding my breath.

Hi Guilherme -- this is one of those features that continues to get shuffled around, and tallmand's response is apt. The good news is we have an engineer assigned and working on it, and the plan is to release in March. 

This is such a basic feature. Reading through this thread make's me loose alot of confidence in Cambium. You have been essentially lieing about a feature release for over 2 years with NO delivery!! It is a basic basic feature that is actually very easy to implement if you already have alarms in place so there is no excuse not to have added it in over 2 years!! Is there a way for me to manually do this (essentiall do your jobs for you after spending quite abit on more on your equipment over alternatives that do actually implement features their customers need)?