Encapsulating multiple WLAN over L2GRE or L2TP on thousands of access points


I need to setup a concentrator GRE (or L2TP) server to handle tunnels from many access points (Cambium E410). 2 WLANs would be bridged through the tunnels to the concentrator to access some remote ressources.
As the concentrator I got one Cisco C8500-12X router.

Any help on the way to configure the Cisco Router would be appreciated, I did man tries but the tunnel never goes up on my E410.


cambium aps support L2GRE / EoGRE, you need to choose cisco router which is capable of doing the same. can you share cisco model number and configuration details on which we tried l2gre? It is recommended to share cnPilot AP techdump / Configuration to look into the configuration item?

alternatively we can use Mikrotik router with L2TPv2

I don’t really have the choice of the concentrator as my client already got the Cisco C8500-12X router which is supposed to be ready for EoGRE. If you got an example of configuration on that vendor it would help a lot.

I confirm that it works fine with L2TP on a Mikrotik router (I did a working lab) but unfortunately I don’t have this choice.

I can share the AP techdump in MP if you want.

thank you, can you share cisco configuration and did you tried doing packet capture on cisco side and looking why it is not processing the GRE packets.

In the mean time share us AP techdump.