End user link tester for 900mhz SM

Hi, I am new to the Motorola canopy system and have just had installed a 900 MHz SM Connectorized (External antenna). Is there any software available for conducting a link test for RSS, db and jitter for the end user ?

I am losing the connection every hour or so and I am told my signal strenght is -55 db and jitter of 2-3. I would like to test this for myself.

My signal is being fed from a 900mhz AP on a neighbors place 300 metres away and he is being fed by another 900 mhz relay from about 4 km away. My ISP has said that the two signals may be interfering even though they are set at two different 9XX mhz frequencies.

Your assistance would be appreciated as I try and understand the RF technology.


There is a link test inside of the sm unit

Thanks Clueless, but how do I access the link test in the SM unit, I need the software an IP address correct ?

I am the end user not the installer hence have no software, manuals etc:

Sorry, your Isp will give it to you if they want you in their equipment. We don’t allow our customers access to their radio. Of course we don’t have any that don’t work either.