Enforce Authentication PTP450

On a PMP450 SM you can enable "Enforce Authentication".  Is there a way to do this on a PTP450 slave?

I don't think that AAA authentication and radius is supported on the PTP450 or PTP450i. It was planned on being introduced in firmware release 15.1... but that appears to not have happened. See THIS post for some details.

I really just want to enforce preshared key on backhauls.

@hci wrote:

I really just want to enforce preshared key on backhauls.

Your request to "enforce authentication" is typically related to AAA/Radius config and as far as I know, doesn't have anything to do with preshared keys... maybe I'm missing something here, what are you trying to accomplish?

On the Master side you can require authentication and define a 128-bit key and then you can specify that AES encryption be used.

From the manual.

Enforce Authentication

"The SM may enforce authentication types of AAA and AP PresharedKey. The SM will not finish the registration process if the AP is not using the configured authentication method (and the SM locks out the AP for 15 minutes)."

Without Enforce Authentication enabled an SM with a Preshared Key set will still connect to an AP with no Preshared Key set or required.  As I understand with Preshared Key and Enforce Authentication enabled it prevents an SM from connecting to different AP with correct color code unless that AP also has the correct Preshared Key.  I want that feature on PTP450 but it does not seem to be there.