Ensure Confidence in Your Healthcare Wi-Fi

Hospitals, clinics and care facilities must become more productive than ever, regardless of shortages and challenges. They need to have precise information on wandering patients and can’t afford to spend time looking for equipment. The communications network must be seamless, reliable and easy to manage so that the primary focus is on patient care. The Reha Clinic in Bolzano, Italy wanted to improve dementia patient care by monitoring and tracking patients and staff with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wearable tags, which required high-density Wi-Fi and BLE coverage across the clinic. The solution was designed by system integrator CWS Digital Solutions. Luca Passini, CWS Digital Solutions CEO said, “We chose Wi-Fi technology from Cambium Networks because of its ability to integrate with multiple beacons of different brands, outstanding support to customize the application, and easy AP configuration.”

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