Enterprise Software Release

Release is a maintenance release of Release 6.6 with enhancements and bug fixes. No new features are added in Release


Fixed Issues

Tracking ID Platform Description
FLCN-15499 All The functionality to drop ARP packets directed towards wireless clients was not operational as intended within the client isolation feature.
FLCN-14995 All Framed-IP-Address attribute was not appearing in the Accounting-Start RADIUS packets. This issue was random in nature.
FLCN-14741 All ePSK clients were seen on WLAN VLAN even after a proper VLAN was assigned as per configuration. This issue was random in nature.

For more details, please refer Documentation / Cambium Networks Support.


FLCN-15499 Fixed

Do I still need this or not?
######Client Isolation#########
wireless wlan 4
filter-list 1
filter filter-list 1
filter precedence 1
layer2-filter permit mac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx any out //any-gw-allow
filter precedence 2
layer2-filter deny mac any any out //any-net-deny

Hi @Springs , my understanding is FLCN-15499 was an improvement for client isolation at layer 3. I believe the issue you were seeing was the clients seeing each other at layer 2 so I would keep the CLI overrides.

Layer-3? Isn’t client isolation supposed to be for broadcast domains?

Yes, there is no harm in applying the above configurations. Yes. we have added a few fixes to address the problem while learning the default gateway MAC address of the wireless client.

Yes… I still need to put that override in there?

Yes, If you know your default Gateway MAC address. You are not changing this frequently. then you can use the above configuration in the override.