Enterprise Wi-Fi Competitive Pricing?

We are an MSP and are certifying discounts - but we still have a hard time convincing customers to spend extra on Cambium.

Is there a point where Cambium expects to have equipment that is more competitively priced; or can we expect existing prices to come down over time?

Thank you, Chris

Hello Uberdome,

Cambium Networks has positioned itself as an enterprise-level product, it’s main competitors are Rukus, Meraki, Cisco, Aruba and Extreme. I’ve found their prices are competitive with the market they compete in.

It should also be noted that Cambium Networks was first in the market for many Wi-Fi 6E technologies. It can be difficult to position cnPilot ahead of Ubiquiti, but as an MSP you can leverage more significant levels of support with local staff on every continent in the world.

Depending on your customers, if they are in Education or Hospitality, you may be eligible for more support, better prices etc.; it might be worth contacting your local Enterprise Sales Manager.

I didn’t expect to nitpick, but since your post had so many details that I don’t see, I figured I’d do it this way:

That is interesting. I would consider their prices competitive with such vendors; but I’m not sure if the performance agrees (I have not used the more advanced systems you mentioned). I have had enough challenges with cnPilot that I don’t picture it being the being the same performance, but again I do not personally know.

Although interesting, I see more practical use of Wi-Fi 6 in other form factors before I see practical use of Wi-Fi 6E. There still isn’t a good wall-plate or reasonable size outdoor AP in Wi-Fi 6.

Whether their staff is on my continent, I still end up doing all of the troubleshooting to convince the manufacturer of a problem. Since you bring up Ubiquiti - that is the vendor we have used most. We have experienced good performance with that platform. The Cambium APs have performed similarly. The controller software seems more intuitive and helpful than cnMaestro. This is why I have been expecting Cambium to be priced in this entry level.

So far, the absolute maximum discounts still don’t approach entry-level pricing. I cannot picture budget constrained education or hospitality locations choosing the significantly more expensive product when other good and affordable options exist.

Of our last 3 projects, we only got one to go Cambium.

Of our next 3 projects, I’m pushing Cambium but I don’t think we’ll get any.

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