Enterprise Wi-Fi System Software Release -

Software release is available for Enterprise Wi-Fi. software release contains enhancements, and bug fixes. Following are the downloads available for software release

For more information on Enhancements, Fixed Issues and Known Issues, please refer Release Notes

Fixed Issues

  • FLCN-14238: Memory leak observed when Auto-VLAN feature was enabled in the APs when LLDP frames received.
  • FLCN-14235: Static channel configuration failed due to internal cross validation of same channel on other radio
  • FLCN-14233: When GTK per VLAN feature is enabled, while multiple clients are associated to an AP with different VLANs, the GTK assignment goes wrong. As a result, clients on different VLANs can see each other, and clients on the same VLAN cannot see each other. This is not seen across APs.

Please READ “Release Notes” for the upgrade guidelines.


After short tests:

WiFi on radio 1(2.4) in default is going in WiFi5 stnadard :frowning:

Speed tests with forced GNAX mode :

S22 Ultra Android 13 - 85-115 Mbps/50-75 Mbps (fiber connection 700/800)
Intel AX210 Windows 10 - 125 Mbps/ 80 Mbps
Intel AX 211 Windows 11 330 Mbps/ 80 Mbps

I am curious where is the problem that depending on the device and operating system the results are so different? It’s also annoying that you buy a device with WiFi6 and it defaults to WiFi5 :frowning: If it wasn’t for certain tricks, an ordinary user wouldn’t know how to turn it on in real life. I’m counting on further software fixes, because it’s still not a device from the product leaflet. I can help with tests to achieve a fully functional status consistent with the manufacturer’s declarations.