Enterprise Wi-Fi System Software Release - 6.5.2

Software release 6.5.2 is available for Enterprise Wi-Fi. 6.5.2 software release contains enhancements, and bug fixes. Following are the downloads available for software release 6.5.2.

For more information on Enhancements, Fixed Issues and Known Issues, please refer Release Notes

Please READ “Release Notes” for the upgrade guidelines.


Performance on 5 GHz amazing, without any problem 660/700 Mbps 5 meters from AP.
Still 2,4 has a problem. Channel 40 MHz, max speed 150/170 Mbps :frowning: Should be much more.
DFS for ETSI works fine.
Other tests in progress :wink:


Hi, I have found a small bug with Wireless radio 1 and rates min-unicast + rates non-unicast + rates management, on my XE3-4.
If I log in to the CLI…

show config

rates min-unicast + rates non-unicast + rates management is missing on wireless radio 1… (Is this because the setting is “default”?)

If I then export my config from the browser in local management, I get this:

wireless radio 1
 rates min-unicast default
 rates non-unicast default
 rates management default

However, I have changed this to 12 earlier with the CLI, and I know this is what radio 1 is using. So I don’t know why the CLI and exported config file says default. If I change something on wireless radio 1 in the browser, it will overwrite my old setting to default and rate 1.

This is only present on radio 1, not radio 2 or 3.

One thing that bothers me is “default”. It says nothing and should be the number the radio is using. On radio 1, default is 1, so why not just use 1.

One last thing, why did you remove the option to change rates in the browser using local management?

But enough negative feedback. On the positive side. My AP has been rock solid, no memory leaks, stable at 61%. Since last firmware upgrade, uptime was 52 days. Upgrade from 6.5.1… Temp on the radios is stable too.

Keep the updates coming and thanks for fixing other bugs :slight_smile: Good job :+1:

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Please share the tech-support file of the AP you are using to adh100@cambiumnetworks.com.
Could you please let me know out of the 3 different rate configs which one you changed to 12 ?



This is only happening on radio 1 2.4GHz. I did check the config in the CLI now. Well everything is in order in the CLI. See below.

wifiax(config-radio-1)# rates show-applied

applied management rate: 6 Mbps
applied non-unicast rate:  6 Mbps
applied unicast rates:   6b Mbps 9 Mbps 12b Mbps 18 Mbps 24b Mbps 36 Mbps 48 Mbps 54 Mbps

So the problem is the UI/API, and it does not show the correct values. If the default is 6 Mbps, well then everything is correct. But then comes the question, how do you know what is default? Earlier, on radio 1 and 2.4GHz the default value is/was 1 Mbps.

Please do the following:

  1. Test in your lab and use the default values on radio 1 - 2.4GHz.
  2. Check your rates in the CLI. “rates show-applied”.
  3. Then change the rates to i.e 6Mbps in the CLI and see if it is visible in the UI/API data response, in local managment.

Thanks :slight_smile: