Enterprise Wi-Fi System Software Release - 6.5.3

Software release 6.5.3 is available for Enterprise Wi-Fi. 6.5.3 software release contains bug fixes. Following are the downloads available for software release 6.5.3.

For more information on Fixed Issues and Known Issues, please refer Release Notes

`Snippet of Fixed Issues

Tracking Platforms Description
FLCN-14420 All LLDP caused memory leak when APs were deployed with non-Cambium vendor switches.
FLCN-14339 All In a WLAN profile, when RADIUS and ePSK are enabled, invalid events were generated.
FLCN-14294 All SNMP community parameters were not persistent across reboots.
FLCN-14237 XV3-8 Deauthentication of client due to session timeout will be triggered only if it is learned from the RADIUS server.
FLCN-14225 All The SNMP OID (cambiumAPTotalClients.0) always returned a value of zero even when clients were connected to the AP.
FLCN-13911 XE3-4, XE5-8 OCS scan was not triggering for radio 3 if both radio 2 and radio 3 were configured as 5 GHz.
FLCN-13882 XE3-4 APs continuously rebooted because of failure in unexpected boot parameter.
FLCN-13672 All Erroneous time stamp was displayed for last-reboot-reason.
FLCN-13631 All AirTime stats were not available for Tx, Rx, busy, and interferences parameters.
FLCN-13292 All The static VLAN pool was not working when WPA2-Enterprise security was enabled.