Enterprise WiFi-6 Software Release 6.6-r8

System Release 6.6 adds support to new features, enhancements, along with bug fixes.



  • IP connections Logging
    APs can now monitor and record all new IP connections made by wireless clients, with the connection data seamlessly logged onto an external syslog server.

  • Personal Wi-Fi
    In Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU), users can now create a secure and personal Wi-Fi environment by creating a unique SSID. Users can connect multiple devices to this personal Wi-Fi.

  • cnMaestro X Assurance
    The cnMaestro X Assurance feature provides visibility into the health of Wi-Fi client connections, including root cause analysis of failures with possible recommended actions.


Tracking Product Description
FLCN-14628 All Username field is now populated in cnMaestro UI when ePSK is used with RADIUS-based authentication.
FLCN-14552 All Auto-RF Dynamic Channel feature can now be configured to change channels at a specific time duration.
FLCN-11529 All CHAP-based MAC authentication is now supported.
FLCN-11135 All MAC authentication Access Control List (ACL) limit has been increased to 1000 from the previous limit of 300.

Fixed Issues

Tracking ID Platform Description
FLCN-14553 All The username attribute was incorrect in all Accounting-Request packets in the RADIUS accounting messages from the AP.
FLCN-14507 All The username of RAIDUS authenticated connected clients were not displayed in syslog.
FLCN-14505 All APs selected a random dynamic channel even though channel list was configured.
FLCN-14486 XV2-22H Device was not sending or processing LLDP packets on Ethernet port 2 and 3. This was breaking the auto-VLAN feature on cnMatrix switches.
FLCN-14483 All Mesh clients were not obtaining the IP address after a factory default recovery.
FLCN-14433 All Band steering advanced parameters were not retained after the AP is restarted.
FLCN-13929 All In mixed Xirrus and Cambium deployments, incorrect VLANs were assigned to clients.
FLCN-13756 All Radio operational state was not updated as per the Schedule Access configuration.
FLCN-13664 All When configuration was updated from cnMaestro, AP was sending DHCP Offer packets back to the wired network.
FLCN-13175 All Clients were displayed with a low or an invalid RSSI value.
FLCN-13044 All LLDP negotiated power was preferred over physical layer power negotiation.
FLCN-12655 XV2‐2, XE3‐4 APs did not boot when connected using shielded patch cables.
FLCN-12115 All Firmware upgrade failed in a dual-stack network because IPv4 network did not resume upgrade when IPv6 network was not reachable.
FLCN-11369 All AP was unable to pass the traffic with Huawei-E3372 4G dongle.
FLCN-10054 All AP stopped sending Cambium TLVs in LLDP packets when another AP was connected to the Ethernet 2 port.

Regulatory Updates

Tracking ID Platform Description
FLCN-13848 All UNII-2C (132, 136,140,144) channels are supported in Canada.
FLCN-13711 XE3-4 UNII-2A (52, 56, 60, 64) and UNII-2C (100, 104, 108, 112, 116, 120, 124, 128, 132, 136, 140) channels are supported in Korea on XE3-4 APs.

For more details w.r.t Enhancements, Wi-Fi 5 hardware platform support and known issues, please refer Documentation / Cambium Networks Support


The assurance thing is pretty mega if properly implemented.Have worked on other platforms with this ML/AI stuff mixed in and was great to get to RCA a lot faster.

Can IP Connections logging be used in conjunction with DNS logging ?

After the upgrade I cannot access the web interface via IPv4 address, I get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.
Access via IPv6 address works fine. SSH also works.

Hi Drazen and welcome to the Cambium Community. Can you please create a Cambium Support ticket and request that Cambium Support CC me (Gary Hansen) on the ticket?

Can IP Connections logging be used in conjunction with DNS logging ?

Can provide more details about your requirement?

Yeah, this version is a disaster. After upgrading I can’t access my wifi. I used a cable and tried to access the login page but no luck there.

Managed to ssh and reboot to the backup firmware.

But seriously, I expect more than this for an enterprise product. The kernel is old, Qualcomm drivers are old. Come on!

What devices model?
I had no problem with xv2-21X and xv3-8 (until now…)

XE3-4 is my model. Pretty basic setup.

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XV2-2. I opened a ticket, they are working on solving the problem.

I have a work around for you.
If you go to the cnMaestro AP Group>Management then where the port number is at you change it to say 8443 or 4443 you should be able to access the web GUI again. I had my MGMT port set to 4443 before the upgrade and then changed it after the upgrade to 443 and I am now able to access the WEB GUI again.

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This probably means it must restart the internal web server to start to answer again

That would be my guess as well

I am reporting a problem with 6.6. With the upload of this software version, the music sharing device “https://www.bluesound.com/” stopped working. They buffer the first 2 tracks after that it kind of clogs. After reverting to 6.5 everything works fine.

In addition, the selected version Indoor region Poland, and 6.6. goes on channels 100 and up

Please send the support ticket number to niraj.mahapatra@cambiumnetworks.com. Let me check this.


Hi Pshemo,

Thanks. Let me check this.


Please send the login-related Support ticket number to niraj.mahapatra@cambiumnetworks.com


@Drazen_Sambol , am able to track support ticket ID and we are working on this.

Are you working on the issues with ui login and the other one, not able to connect to any wlans after upgrade to this version?

Same issue here
6 XV2-2 updated with cnmaestro and no direct access to webgui after.