ePMP 1000/2000 Spectrum Analyzer .. bad tool

When will you release a decent spectrum analysis tool?

Java application is very bad.

Java security problem when use a different ip not listed in trusted ip.

On epmp2000 some times make a Connection Refused, sometimes connect but after a start doesn't draw graph

and then change, save, restart, try, re.change, save and restart.. too many operations.. too many times with customers disconnected.

Could you have something quicker? a simple? without restart equipment


I totally agree. About a year ago I needed the spectrum analyzer for a new site that had existing 5GHz systems. After installing the correct version of Java for the analyzer, my laptop refused to boot. Another laptop had to be shipped to the site for me to complete the installation (without trying the spectrum analyzer again). 

I think I posted a complaint at that time and was told an improved non-Java analyzer was soon to be released. Guess we're still waiting?

YES, I totally agree, a good Spectrum Analyzer and a good Site Survey tool is a must, and the current Spectrum Analyzer tool is really, really bad.  AND ESPECIALLY IN THE SM!  Currently, there is no way to in an ePMP1000 SM or Force2000 SM to diagnose any interference issues at a customer site.  That is (quite frankly) totally CRAZY.  If a client calls in with an issue, we are totally blind... we have zero ability to figure out if there is anything interfering with the client SM.   As wonderful as ePMP is in many many ways, the inability to detect interference is totally insane.

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For me personally spectrum analyzer on ptp550 and F300 also needs more work, it is practical to use but representation and slow refresh rate confuses me at the end!   

Something like what UBNT or Mimosa has would work great

I agree, SA tool is bad and you should feel bad.

9 months ago...

Fedor said..https://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/ePMP-3000-2000-and-1000/ePMP-F300-Spectrum-Analyzer/m-p/85173/highlight/true#M13206

The bad was an idea to force installers to fight with Java, Oracle, Windows  and all this mess... The tool should be simple to use, reliable and not dependent on operating system, applications and security mud needed when using public Internet. Like it was in PMP100 or 450.

I am loosing hours for fighting with my notebook instead of doing my principal job.

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It is a very bad tool on epmp 2000, and very necessary.
Developers in cambium have you ever looked products as Mimosa C5c?