ePMP-1000 5 Ghz Hotspot Firmware

The ePMP-1000 2 Ghz radios can be loaded with the Hotspot firmware and it works well talking with many Wifi clients.

Can e-PMP-1000 5 Ghz radios be loaded the the same (of other) Hotspot software and provide service to Wi-Fi Clients on 5 Ghz?

Yes it can… just keep in mind that firmware development and support for the e1k hotspot firmware has been discontinued.

Thank you for your text, Eric. I knew that the Hotspot software had been discontinued.

I additional question about ePMP-100’s operating on 5 Ghz…

After loading the Hotspot software and trying to select the channel for the 5 Ghz Hotspot to work on - rather than given you actual frequencies, it give you channel numbers. Where can I find a list of the channel numbers that show the actual operating frequency?

You can find a channel list HERE.

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That you, Eric. MIght you or someone on the forum, have a configuration file that they might email me for a 2 Ghz ePMP Hotspot running in a Bridge mode with the Hotspot generating DHCP to the clients?

I have several of our 2 Ghz Hotspots running in Bridge Mode, however I am not pleased with their operation. All seem “buggy”.

You may or may not get logged on, but more importantly they have trouble passing data through them in and out of the Ethernet port.