EPMP 1000 60 megs sustained usage cant log into GUI

Does the 1000 just quite responding to requests to log into the gui or CLI when its busy? We have a ePmp 1000 where in the evenings we have about 60 megs sustained usage on this unit, we have about 75 users ranging in speeds form 8 megs to 20 meg packages ,

Is this pretty much it as far as what this unit can support, everytime it gets loaded up with usage like this we barely get any gui login page and if we do we are able to enter our password info but thats it it just spins and spins and spins then finally gives a unit not responding message and stops.

Any ideas? we have an EPMP 2000 pushing similier traffic and we dont seem to have the same issue with that unit?

What is different as far as gui and processor in the 2000 Vs the 1000.

I am assumign this thing is just tapped out. I sure wish the Epmp 3000 was out so maybe we can get higher speeds to clients as well as more available throughput at the AP.


Hi Martin,

Is it ePMP1000 with GPS sync or non-synced one?

GUI traffic has lower priority in comparison with data traffic and under extremely high traffic, especially with small packets, you can observe that UI is not fully responsible. Once load is reduced you will be able to reach web interface without any issues.

Thank you.