EPMP 1000 802.11ah 900mhz

It would be awesome if this were being worked on so that we could replace our pmp 100 900mhz and our ubiquiti 900mhz gear. the 802.11ah standard will be coming soon and a jump in that direction should push the market in cambium's favor with a new faster 900 gear platform. Any ideas?

I don't know much, but this is brilliant!

Have either one of you actually read up on this standard? This does not look like an ideal replacement for PMP100 900MHz at all. From what I've been reading the 802.11ah standard is geared to long range, but very low throughput (100kbps per node) machine to machine (M2M) communications, like SCADA, or meter reading applications... definatly not intended to provide high speed internet.

I'd rather see the PMP450 platform with RF designed specifically for 900MHz...  the last thing we need right now is more 802.11 based garbage that is just a 2.4GHz radio down converted to 900MHz.

i have read that "The 802.11ah version of Wi-Fi is aimed at offering throughput of 150 kbps with a 1 MHz band to as much as 40 Mbps over an 8 MHz band " just saying

Just clarifying (I hope) the "100kbps per node"is actually '100kbps per channel', with 26 channels available.  (900-925 1mhz wide each, I guess)  It's entirely possible for equipment to use multiple channels or a single wider channel, but this standard DOES appear to be a tailor-made successor to current 900MHz meter reading tech.  And the 100kbps width would be just about right for HQ audio.  (another proposed purpose for 802.11ah seems to be offloading calls on overloaded cell sites)


There really needs a 900mhz version of the ePMP and PMP450.

900mhz is still the best choice around the world for rural and nlos uses.

Cambium needs a market shaker in the 900mhz band like the old PMP100 was in the 2000's.

I also belive, that Cambium needs to move away from these WIFI clones that are so innoficent spectrum hogs  and use better Bits per Hertz technology such as 4G varients where spectrum efficentcy is optimal on just 10mhz badnwith to provide 100mbps+ to 100+ subscribers.

Can't you make it dual-polarity, and selectable channel width, say 5mhz, 10 and 12 or 13, to get the most out of a ABAB setup. Even if the 100 series had this, we could go from 4mb total to around 8mb+. That would be a nice upgrade for my network, and give me some breathing room...

The engineering team at cambium can and should come up to packing something in the new epmp line with 900mhz. We use 3 120deg sectors with 8mhz channels under ubiquiti rockets. We use rf armor and 10foot vertical separation and a 1 degree down tilt. We don't shoot over 3 miles and each ap does 52 mbps. our customers are happy. I would love a cambium solution to turn to. 802.11ah can be adopted and modified for our needs. We know a faster processor is needed for the higher modulation rate. This would increase cost but we would increase our customer base and would gladly pay for this innovation. 

A quick update to this thread.  First, we are keeping an eye on 802.11ah specifically for industrial communications and would welcome any disucssion on its application in that regard.  Second, PMP 450i at 900 MHz is progressing nicely with an early 4Q introduction in sight.  Some high-level detail in the event you haven't seen it:

900 MHz ISM band Operation

  • 902-928 MHz
  • 5, 7 or 10 MHz channels supported
  • Enhancement to 20 MHz channel support possible

2x2 MIMO design

Power Scheme - New for AP, Same for SM

  • AP will be 802.3at PoE compliant (56 VDC)
  • SM will be 30 VDC, and can re-use existing Power Supply

Utilizing PMP 450i architecture

  • Employing Superheterodyne channel isolation
  • Maximize Spectral efficiency
  • Using GPS timing and colocation with PMP 100 900 MHz

Product Design Goal

  • Under similar RF conditions (i.e. high noise floor, other operating equipment in the band, etc.), PMP 450 900 MHz is expected to provide 3 to 4 times the AP capacity as PMP 100 900 MHz, using similar channel size
  • In other words, deploying 7 MHz channels, you can replace PMP 100 900 MHz and go from 4 Mbps capacity to 12-16 Mbps capacity
  • Given clean spectrum, PMP 450 900 MHz can provide 40+ Mbps per sector

The pmp450 in the 900 MHz band will definitely take care of our WISP needs. We can use it in locations where we do not have Ubiquiti gear installed and then slowly change out those locations as well. With the epmp in a 802.11ah format, we could use this in our tech department needs. We work with a lot of manufacturing companies who need some simple solutions for time clocks and what not. This would fit that gap.

wait and see wait and see. 


Can't wait to get my hands on this.

We are needing a solution for dense foliage locations.

PMP-450 in 900 MHz is out now