ePMP 1000 and Radius authentication?

After trying everything found in the forum and not being able to make the SM and AP work with radius authentication, after the information omegle discord xender is almost null or not very useful, I think I understand that the use of raduis in the ePMP is a story since nobody give a concrete answer to make configurations that work, or did someone really get radius to walk?

someone? something? some answer? things like this make one think that the brand's response is shame.


Two scenarios:

1. Are you trying to use radius for the first time on an ePMP network and not able to make it work? Have you gone through any of the documnetation on how to proceed? A good article on the knowledgebase is below.


Page 290 of the ePMP user guide also has a whole section on radius server setup. You can find this version of user guide when you click on the archive tab -- support.cambiumnetworks.com

2. Scenario 2 - You have successfully used radius before but on some version of software you are seeing errors or need help because something is not working? 

Which scenario is it? 

Last but not least, community is a best effort support option just like many other online forums. Other members may respond when they free up and that may not be fast enough. Please consider opening a suppor ticket. Its free and someone can potentially walk you through the steps. 

works, use my posting on radius and pmp100. This is how I got radius working and yes the docs for it are less than useful!

PM me if you need specific help

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