ePMP 1000 AP losing sync

We have one of our towers, four ap's, two of the ap's all of a sudden losing sync.  Using Last Mile Gear CTM for sync and power.  It seems to be heat related, we go to 119 degrees here today.  I have checked cabling, CTM and still not reliable, intermittent.  I have never in my life had a problem with sync, we have been a Canopy PMP100 provider for over 10 years on this same tower with no sync problems ever.

On the AP's that are having issues, what sync source have you selected in the management page (e.g. cmm3, cmm4, GPS, etc)? What's the sync hold off timer set to? ALSO, if you enable logging, does it show that it's frequently losing sync? Lastly, on the two AP's that are losing sync, have you tried using the onboard GPS to get sync?

We're using CMM4 and we have set the hold off timer up to about 1800secs to help keep our customers connected.  With the hold off timer set for 30min, sometimes it will expire before sync comes back.  Of course, the AP will stop transmitting and drop all the clients.

We are using the KP Performance antennas which have a case that encloses the AP, we're not using the external GPS antennas so the internal GPS is not getting a good track on satellites.

I'm kinda wondering if the cases are causing the AP's to overheat.  We have peaked yesterday afternoon at close to 120 degrees ambient, I know the equipment on the tower is a lot hotter then that.  My next step is to send our tower climber and have him remove the back covers on the AP enclosure.