ePMP 1000 CPE upgrade


We are carrying out a PtMP project for our client and on ordering the Kit we just ordered 6 CPE's and forgot to order the Sectors. 

Given the tight timelines to get our Client's sites up I am curious to know if it is Possible to upgrade the CPE to a Sector whilst waiting for the delivery of our Sector ODU.

Thanks for the assistance.


Every ePMP unit can be used both in AP and SM mode.

You can switch it on Configuration -> Radio page on UI.

But please note ePMP CPE will provide a bit lower performance in comparison with ePMP AP.

Then please note ePMP SMs don't have Sync option.

Also please let us know exact ePMP SM models you have already purchased to make sure their Antenna can be used for Sector coverage.

Thank you.



Thank you for the swift response.

This is the part code of the CPE's we ordered : C050900C031A

The client requires  10-20 Mbps  and if we can get availability of at least 98% then we can get the neccessary approvals for the Installation to proceed.

I hope the above is in good order.



Please note ePMP1000 Integrated module has main lobe with 3dB BEAMWIDTH-AZIMUTH 30° and Antenna Gain 14 dBi.

Please estimate whether it will be enough for you sector coverage.

You may use Link Planner Tool for this. 


Thank you.