EPMP 1000 Ethernet Status 10 Mbps / Full

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solicito su asesoria, tengo este enlace de 50Km y el equipo con el que recibo de un momento a otro me empezo a trabajar solo el 

Ethernet Status 10 Mbps / Full

agradezco me ayuden que puedo hacer, si es que se dañó le puerto lan o que le debo cambiar a la configuracion


Si el fenomeno comenzo subitamente, sin razon alguna, hay reportes en el foro de emisiones FM interfiriendo con la negociacion de Ethernet. La usual recomendacion es utilizar cable Ethernet blindado o utilizar toroides de ferrita para suprimir la interferencia.

De lo contrario, si el fenomeno comenzo a ocurrir despues de hacer una actualizacion, o haber cambiado configuracion, mas informacion ayudaria.

Version de sw? Modelo de equipo ePMP? Esta utilizando el PoE incluido con la unidad? A que switch esta conectado?


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Hi, I have a basically identical problem, I already use shielded cables, I will try to put ferrite cores, in the tower itself has an FM transmitter in the 95 mhz range, very close to the epmp. In another tower also has transmitter fm in the range of 98 mhz but the transmitter fm is low power, as soon as I installed this tower happened this problem but after restarting the epmp was normal at 100mbps. In the other case sometimes the problem and need to restart the AP to return to 100 mbps, the epmp 2000 does not modulate 1 gbps in this tower only at 100 mbps. Mikrotik routerboarb in this tower.

How many ferrites are needed to attenuate FM noise?

Since I don't speak Espano, I don't know exactly the meaning of the wording of the original poster's question.

If you look at his picture, you can see that the radio that he is having trouble with is a SM, which I assume is at a customer's location. 

I can tell you that if all of the connections are not good on your 8 pin Ethernet Cable from end to end on any ePMP radio,  you will see the radio only connect up at 10 MB. 

Seen that multiiple times.