ePMP-1000 - Firmware 4.61

First of all, I will say that we have Firmware 4.61.in all of our AP’s and SM’s.

To describe the problem, approximately 3 days ago, in Configuration, Radio, Scheduler - we changed the frame size on all of our ePMP-1000 AP’s from 2.5 ms to 5 ms and rebooted each. As you know, after the change ,the SM’s on each AP lost connectivity with their respective AP’s. Slowly, after a while they started connecting again to their associated AP’s.

However, we had several SM’s that never connected again. Three days went by.

Today, we went to one of our customer’s houses and logged into their Force 180 SM. Everything looked normal, except it would not connect to it associated AP. We rebooted it multiple times to no avail. It still would not connect to its associated AP.

We went on the roof and changed out the SM to a Force 200.

Programmed the Force 200 to the correct parameters. Even though each SM is line of sight to its associated AP and had -68 Dbm receive signal strength, it would not connect to its associated AP. .

Finally, after messing around for 2 hours and with nothing else to try, we finally reset our AP’s back to 2.5 ms Frame Rate. The Force 200 connected right up, along with the other SM’s that never reconnected after the change to the APs 3 days ago.

Even after multiple reboots the Force 180 and Force 200 would not connect to the AP’s running 5 ms Frame Rate.

Does anyone at Cambium have any clue about this problem? Someone at Cambium needs to set up some radios and duplicate the problem.

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