ePMP 1000 (Force 110) Best QOS settings for Gaming


I would like to inquire about the best settings to use in QOS in my ePMP 1000 (SM side) to prioritize gaming & lower latency?

To get the lowest latency, you’ll want to see if you can set your AP to use flexible frames and a 2.5ms frame length. There are pros and cons to this however, and it’s not available on all types of AP’s and channel widths.

IMHO, the settings you’ve displayed on the SM will have little or no impact on gaming performance. The subscriber module priority might have a bit of positive impact if the AP is hitting max frame utilization.

ALSO, unless you’re specifically using broadcast/multicast services, which most WISP’s aren’t, you should set those items to low priority.


Hi Eric,

thanks for your reply.

well, I can’t see the settings @AP side since it is operated by the WISP but here is screenshot from my side.
in your opinion what should be prioritized?

Re-read my original post. I tell you exactly what settings need to be changed on the AP. That being said, for various reasons, I doubt your WISP will change the settings for you. This is because there are some significant drawbacks to using them.

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you are right ofc WISP won’t change any setting from AP since there are like +300 users with me :smiley:

I wanna know what can be done from my side to improve latency beside AP settings? any recommendations?

You don’t have a lot of options. Either get a WiFi router that supports gaming specific QoS (expensive and can be tricky to configure), or plug your computer or game console directly into the radio’s LAN port on the PoE using a network cable and make sure nothing other then the game is running.

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@Eric_Ozrelic thank you very much for your feedback & support!

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As a WISP I am surprised that you have access to your SM.

As Eric alluded to, there are no real settings you can change to set QOS metrics on the SM. Your ISP would have to set your SM as a priority SM and that usually costs extra (we charge quite a bit to give priority connections).

Since no one asked, what are you trying to accomplish? If its trying to get better ping times, well you are very limited as the ISP network and further accros the internet may not use or even rewrite your QOS tags, Verison, Time-Warner, Shaw, etc they all do this as your QOS tags are yours and do not reflect their network policy which is different from your networks and everyone elses.

If you are trying to do something else, please explain as there is little that can be done other than run your own dns server (not dns proxy that a home router does).


our WISP is giving access to the SM.

my goal is to have better ping/latency that’s all.

can you pls elaborate more about setting up a dns server? I have a ddwrt router (WRT32X)

Setting up your own DNS server is not going to reduce your in-game latency, as no DNS resolution is being done… although I’m curious why Douglas thinks you’d benefit from it from a gaming perspective. Only thing I can think of is it might shave a few ms off initial DNS resolution connecting to a gaming server… but that’s it.

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Pm me and we will go over it there

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You must not look at a packet capture of your network often, the vast majority of online games continuously query DNS during play, worst offenders are xboxes. We found by having DNS servers closer to clients that complaints of latency issues have become minimal.

Simple fact is though, removing as many network devices in the path is always best, short of that there is not much a client can do except not rely on the ISP for the most used service across their link, thus reducing traffic and improving latency.