ePMP 1000 Force 180 Bridge Table flooded (broadcast storm)

Hi forum,

Currently using a Force 180 connecting via WLAN to an ePMP 1000 AP. The force 180's LAN is connected to a Mikrotik Radio link which then delivers connection to a customer edge device (cisco 887). I have a nagios plugin which querys the SM radio every 5 minutes via an snmpread oid to measure the amount of bridge table entries. At random times (every month or so), i am seeing about 80 entries (attached) flood the radio and cause it to lock up untill it is rebooted.

Just wondering if any one has ever seen anything like this and can offer any advice?


It looks like something actually flooding the network with fake macs.

You can try to setup broadcast limit on Force180 or Mikrotik to limit amount of broadcast ARPs coming form the network.


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