Epmp 1000 force 180

Hi every one i have epmp 1000 force 180 and i want connect it to epmp 3000 , So Is that possible because i try to scan my sector (epmp 3000) i cant find it in wireless table in epmp 1000 and the both device they used Software version ?

So Gays Could You Help Me In This Problem

Very possible as long as both the AP and the SM are on 4.5 or higher firmware (it will work with older 4.x firmwares but 4.5 was the bare minimum we found that worked well enough)

The AP needs to be set to either 40 or 20 Mhz channel (f180 does not do 80mhz) and the AP frequency must be in the f180 scan list. And your frame ratio must be one of the ones supported by the f180

If you are using QoS then also ensure you are not making odd sized MIR queues.

This setup works as it is what we are doing.