Epmp 1000 freezes at different times

Hi everyone

I have an epmp1000 with firmware 4.6.1 Synchronized
At different times the epmp stops responding, although the lights of the switch indicate presence, no SM has internet, I cannot even enter its configuration.

My settings:

Setting Value
Operating Frequency 5900 MHz
Operating Channel Bandwidth 40 MHz
Transmitter Output Power 27 dBm
Antenna Gain 40 dBi
Country Other
Access Point Mode TDD
Downlink / Uplink Frame Ratio 75/25
Wireless Security WPA2
cnMaestro Remote Management Enabled
Hardware Version 5 GHz Connectorized Radio with Sync
Software Version 4.6.1
Software Version (Active Bank) 4.6.1
Software Version (Inactive Bank) 3.4
Firmware Version U-Boot 9350_PX 1.1.4.e (Jun 12 2017 - 17:08:47)

Any suggestion or question in this regard that will lead me to the solution?

If you contact cambium support then the first thing they will probably do is ask you to download a support file from the radio after it has locked up… of course you probably cant do that without power cycling the radio which I’m pretty sure renders the support file you make after it’s power cycled , useless.

So, can you connect to it via a subscriber radio and access it that way when it’s locked up ? If nothing else you might be able to get usefull support file you can provide to cambium support , or you might see something in the logs that helps.

It may be the ethernet port locking up, you can try turning off “Smart SPeed” under Network → Ethernet Port .

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Just to expand Brubble’s reply:

Have you tried accessing using ssh? If not, get putty and make sure the AP in question allows ssh access. Then when the webpage locks up try accessing using ssh, the username you need is admin, and you can download the support file needed to a tftp server (tftpd is a quick one thats good, just remember to disable windows firewall to use it).
If you can not access the AP by ssh then I suggest setting up a log server and have the AP push all its logs to that server. This wont help with the support file issue but will give you the next best chance of capturing the issue.

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It could be problems with the power supply, damaged utp cable, damaged poe injector, bad rj45, grounding, etc etc

Hello @felii,

how do you bring it back to work? Reboot or it gets back on its own?

You have SW 3.4 is the second bank. That looks strange. It is better when you have the same version in both banks. I suggest to upgrade it once again with 4.6.1 to have the same version in both banks.

April 2021

One part of Cambium support constantly and consistently saying both banks should be the same version and then other parts of Cambium support constantly and consistently saying this is NEVER the case…

So frustrating Cambium can’t agree with Cambium on this seemingly simple thing…

The reason for having 2 software banks is so that, if something corrupts one of the banks, the radio can still boot from the other bank.

@Dmitry_Moiseev’s point was that, if the radio has booted from bank 1, nothing that you do to bank 2 will change the behaviour of the radio in any way. Flashing the second bank to the same version as the first bank cannot fix any bugs in that software version.

The downside of having different software versions is that, if the first bank becomes corrupted and the radio does boot from the second bank, it will end up running whatever older version of firmware happens to be in that second bank.

I would have thought the procedure should be:

  1. Upgrade the first bank.
  2. Verify that the radio boots and operates properly.
  3. Upgrade the second bank.

thanks @Simon_King for chiming in! This is exactly what I’ve meant.

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So it’s just a “best practices”

Got it. Alll cleared up now for sure…