ePMP-1000 GPS AP's - Any Problem Using Different Up / Down Radios

With wide frequency spacing of several ePMP-1000 GPS Synced AP's 5 Ghz AP's operating on the same tower, will there be any problems (or degradation of a system) using different Downlink/Uplink Ratios of the various AP's on the tower?

As everyone should know, with GPS synchronization enabled on each and every AP in a system in a geographic area, all AP's should transmit simultaneously for a while, then all AP's should receive simultaneously.

With GPS Sync of all AP's, there should be no RF inteference that would be SELF CAUSED. 

Back to my question, if you had several AP's one a tower set up for 75/25 ratio and one AP set up for 50/50 ratio - would you be causing a Self Interference problem?

The frame rate would be set to 2.5 ms on all AP's and the distance would be set to the same value on all AP's. 


They key words are 'with wide frequency spacing'... e.g. putting wide guard bands inbetween AP's. In this instance, you can use completely different ratios, frame rates, etc... even not having GPS enabled, and eveyrthing will work fine.

So YES, you can do what you're asking.

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