ePMP 1000 GPS sync radio discontinued ?

Our reseller told us ePMP 1000 GPS sync radio will be discontinued and only ePMP 2000 will be available. Is this true ?

ePMP 1000 (Force 110) is great for small PTP link collocated with sector like deidicated link to a commercial customer or feeding sub-microcell tower. ePMP 2000 cost more, is bigger and added fonctionnality are not needed on PTP with focused antenna on both side.

There has been no notice to us regarding discontinuing the ePMP 1000 GPS Sync radios. Cambium has said over and over that they were not discontinuing it.

The 1000s are in stock.


In stock don't mean producton won't be stop. Any source that Cambium said that that the won't discontinuing it ? Is it part of a webinar that I miss ?

Could somebody from cambium confirm ?