Epmp 1000 hotspot Mesh

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I am setting up a lab with epmp 1000 hotspot connected to a Mikrotik to use as a captive portal in conjunction with Hotspotsystems.com as third party. It works 100% but as soon as I apply a Mesh configuration to the epmp 1000 hotspot it breaks i.e. I can’t connect to the SSID anymore.

The end result I would like to achieve is to have an epmp 1000 hotspot Mesh to cover my whole campus where the client can login via captive portal with social media like facebook.

Any advice would by greatly appreciated.

are you configuring the same WLAN for mesh and for data access? Also, is the mesh connection between two ePMP1000-Hotspots or between the ePMP1000 and some other AP?

When with the mesh config the AP is not reachable over the SSID, is it still reachable from the wired side? If so, could you please check what the logs on the device say?


cnWest-E400(config)# service show debug-logs wifid
15:27:52.650: System time ok, no variation detected (saccess.c:206)
15:22:52.649: System time ok, no variation detected (saccess.c:206)
15:19:03.662: rx bandsteer notification (is_probe=0) for 60-F8-1D-C7-B6-DE (bandsteer.c:114)

want to see if the AP is trying to connect to scan and connect to its mesh peer, and the connection is not going through (so the radio would continue to scan channels looking for a peer).

hi, can you share ePMP 1000 Wi-Fi AP config file and network topology we shall be able to help you.

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I have Internet fed into an R190W router. I plug an ePmp 1000 hotspot into the router, configured as a BASE in MESH mode. I can connect to the WiFi (Name of SSID: "HiddenView") with laptops and phones.

I setup a 2nd ePmp 1000 HotSpot as standalone in CLIENT MESH Mode. I want the SSID name to also be "HiddenView" and it setup that way but it does not broadcast the SSID. The only way I can connect to  the 2nd Hotspot is via Cat5 Cable to the POE or ETH2.... How do I get it to broadcast the SSID and connect to it?


Based on your description, I think device is mis-configured.

Please share tech-support of ePMP1000 Hotspot device at shashank.tadakamadla@cambiumnetworks.com

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  • Received your email.
  • Evaluating the configuration.
  • Will send you update with our analysis in next 1Hr.

Thank you for your support.

It would be nice to see the resolution for the problem instead of just coming to this page to see that it's been deferred to support. :/