ePMP 1000 increase sector capacity


ePMP 1000 has a 100 Mbps Ethernet port and it became a bottleneck for a sector because this device aggregates more than 100 Mbps from the air. How can I increase capacity of the sector for the wired side?

Place second AP in the same sector on a different frequency and loadbalance SMs? APs doesn't support GPS sync.

Create LAG? 90% sure it's not gonna work for PtMP.

Put in a EPMP2000 or 3000.

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epmp1000-sync and non-sync supports 1Gbps ethernet and is gps sync'd, even my first run 1000-connectorized do. The only ones that did not support 1Gbps were the original flat pannel types that the force180 replaced, these could only do 100Mbps and were not intended for use as an AP though they could be used as a short ptp link.

using a non-sync'd epmp1000 as an AP is 'ok' for small SM counts in a low pop area. anything more than 15 to 20 Sm's and you will have throughtput issues. 

best way to get better through put, get a sync'd epmp1000 or better yet put up a epmp3000 (epmp3000L if you dont need/want mu-mimo and want to reuse the existing antenna). Sorry but your going to have to spend some $$$.

The non-sync, connectorized 5Ghz epmp 1000 radio with two ethernet ports is 10/100 only.  If that is what you are using, replace it with a GPS unit and you will get a 1Gbps ethernet port.

If you are using the GPS radio and the ethernet port is linking at 100Mbps, check to make sure your POE adapter is gigabit capable.  If it is, check your ethernet terminations.