EPMP 1000 Individual Chain RSSI monitoring via SNMP

Hello, I found some posts from back in 2016 asking for individual monitoring of the chains via SNMP, http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/ePMP-2000-and-1000/Get-Ch0-and-Ch1-signals-from-SNMP/m-p/52257

I've been running into cases where I have been seeing low RSSI in 1 chain, usually ~15db difference.  Just this week I've had 2 of them.  The first instance was a bad antenna (EPMP 1000 dish) at a Customer Prem, the 2nd is at an AP, which I haven't had a chance to schedule the tower climb yet.  The total RSSI value does not change, so it's not detectable via a change in single number signal level, it shows a small drop in MCS, but a noticeable difference in actual throughput. 

Is it on the roadmap to add the individual chain values to SNMP Monitoring so that we can see when Issues develop?  The Single RSSI number only gives half the picture.

Example SM on the bad AP (all SM's on this AP have similar readings) 

From SNMP and Main Display page:  Downlink RSSI: -64

From EAlign Page - Current RSSI: -64 dBm (Ch0: -64 dBm, Ch1: -79 dBm)

MCS level  Is reporting 14 each way, but a bandwidth test will only yield ~15mbs on a 20mhz channel. 

We need to be able to monitor the individual chains to be proactive about issues like this. 


I'd love this as well, it's often difficult to spot the imbalances between the 2 chains when the average that gets reported to you looks great 

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I agree.  And that -79 chain is just like any -79 customer out there on that side of the antenna... it's lowering capacity and using up more of the AP's time.

Of course, this is ePMP, so it does do a much better job not letting that -79 ruin everything like non-Cambium products... but it still is just like having a -79 customer, which we'd all want to know about and go fix.  So yeah, we need to be able to graph and monitor per chain signals. :)

What are the chances someone from Caibmum can comment and let us know if this exists or can be added to SNMP. We are having a Large number of 10+ DB chain issues with the F200 product and we would love to be able to pull this data from SNMP.


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We will take a look into this.
I will revert to you with updates soon.

Thank you.

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YES, THIS.  Very important on ePMP3000 now also, with 4x4 chains.  A -66 client may seem OK, but that combined -66 signal may be comprised of a -73, -71, -70, -75 chains.  So - we might look at the -66 and think that's not too bad, but even without much imbalance, it's pretty easy for some of the chains to be in the mid 70's.

WIth e3K and F300's, we're now feeling like we want to be in the -54 range, with each individual chain about -60.  Just getting a combined -60 means that each chain will be in the -66 well balanced, and it's pretty easy to have an antenna move out there somewhere, so without per-chain graphing, how would one notice? :)