ePMP 1000 integrated radio firmware

I bought several new ePMP 1000 integral radios on sale. Damaged packaging, new devices

The current firmware is 2.4.X, my existing network is all on 4.6.2, can I switch to that right away or do I have to go through the sequence and some others first?
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Been a while but as I remember it’s 2.6 then 3.5.6 then 4.whatever.


You do have to go to 2.6 but haven’t had any issued going straight to 4.whatever afterwards. 2.6 first is a must though…

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Hi @zica49!
Are you sure it is 2.4? We had 2.3 and then 3.0
Generally as brubble1 said you have to upgrade to 3.5.6 and then to 4.7.0.

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Yes, they have firmware 2.4.x, I don’t know if someone upgraded it in the meantime until I became the owner.

Another question.
In the event that I own an SM that has had one of the mandatory firmwares in a series skipped, what should I do with it?
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I don’t believe they will allow you to skip. That is, I don’t believe you can upgrade from 2.4 to 4.x and the upgrade goes through but now the radio is messed up instead I’m pretty sure the radios simply will not allow you to do it in the first place. So, I think… if the radio lets you do it then it’s fine ?

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We had received several epmp1000 integrated that came 2.4, and every one had to step through 2.6 then 3.5.6 before going to any of the 4.x firmwares.
Kept getting strange errors until stepping through 3.5.6, I am sure it is possible to go from 2.4 but there was a KB procedure for this at the time too so ymmv

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Yes, Douglas is right! Some major changes were in 2.6. I’ve checked with our team.
So upgrade path should be like 2.4->2.6->3.5.6->4.7.0

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I have several radios in which I suspect that there is something in the chronology of the firmware upgrade!
Is it the correct order to return it from 4.6.2 to 2.4 then 2.4->2.6->3.5.6->4.7.0
Or should I return it to 2.6 then 2.6->3.5.6->4.7.0
Will this procedure fix a possible problem with the chronology of the firmware?
I thank everyone for their help
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for the ones we had issues jumping to 4.x from 2.4 we just jumped into 2.6 then 3.5.6 then to 4.x. this fixed the issues we were seeing. I am not sure on the OS side requirements but on boot loader and system fuses there seems to be a chronology that needs to be followed.

Could you tell me why do you want to downgrade to 2.4? If you already have 4.6.2 just upgrade to 4.7.0


he is asking if he should drop to 2.4 from his current firmware version since he jumped straight to 4.x from 2.4.
reverting and stepping through the correct order will help if there are issues, as I have personally done this.
jumping from a broken 4.6.x to 4.7 will not fix things that are supposed to be done in an older firmware, so dropping back to 2.4 may not be required since 2.6 is a key firmware as well as 3.5.6. so the answer is no, he does not need to drop to 2.4 but if there are issues dropping to 2.6 and stepping through properly may fix the issues present.

Unless you are telling us that this is not necessary anymore.