ePMP 1000 NON-GPS radio connected only at 10mbps

Hi all,

I have a ePMP 1000 connectorized NON-GPS radio used as a backhaul.

This radio is connected to a Mikrotik router.

Now my problem is that this link at the end of the Client end is connected only at 10mbps full duplex instead of 100 mbps.

Both the network ports of the radio and mikrotik are set to auto-negotiate.

At times, the link gets connected at 100 mbps full and works for days but then goes down to 10 mbps.

On the mikrotik router, the status shows the Link Partner Advertising only at 10M half and 10M full.

This mikrotik router has both 100 mbps and 1000 mbps ports. I tried changing the ports but this does not help.

This radio is located on a FM radio tower. Could this be the problem or this is simply a case of a bad cabling?

Any help will be appreciated.



It could be one or both.  FM tends to cause trouble, especially for long ethernet runs.  Be sure you are using shielded cable that is properly grounded at the very least.  You can also try ferrite chokes at one or both ends of the cable on the FM side.  

If all else fails, run DC power and fiber up to your radio on the tower and install either a media converter there or a switch fed by the fiber, then ethernet to the radio.


Hy.I all so have trouble with FM tower.I have not sleep for days.

Everything I try whose without success.

Then I recabling with ubiquiti carrier cable.

All my trobles where gone.

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