ePMP 1000 Point to MultiPoint Bridging solution

Hi All,

I need some advice on 5 GHz ePMP 1000 products on a kind of network setup.
I need to design a network setup whereby I need to provide wireless links to multiple Mini Hotspots via an ePMP Sector AP in a centralized location which will be connected by Fiber.

This sector will be connected to the ISP network for uplink.
This ePMP Sector will serve up to 30 ePMP CPEs within a 90 degrees direction with line of sight. Each of these 30 CPEs in turn will be connected for uplink to an Outdoor WiFi Access Point which will serve as HotSpots.

The reason why this bridge is needed is because each Hotspot AP will use a different Vlan for each SSID broadcasted for segregation of traffic.
In a way, all traffic coming via the Hotspots will be in Layer 2 all the way to the Sector before terminating in the router.

Is this setup possible with ePMP PTMP solution? If not, please suggest other cost effective Cambium products which can be deployed in a similar way.


Each STA/CPE provides you the capability to tag packets on the UL with a VLAN ID. You can use the Data VLAN functionality under Configure->Network to set the VLANs for each STA. This is for untagged packets coming into the Ethernet port of the STA. If the packets are already going to be tagged on the ingress of the Ethernet port of the STA (i.e the packets will be tagged by the hot spot APs), then use membership VLAN where only packets that are tagged with the membership VLAN ID on the ingress of the STA will be forwarded upstream to the ePMP AP while the other packets are dropped.

Hope this helps.

Hi CambiumSri,

Thanks for your answer. Yes the vlan tagging will be done by the HotSpot APs. These vlan tagged traffic should flow transparently via the CPEs to the Sector AP. What I am trying to accomplished here is to create a layer2 bridge between the Sector AP and the 30 CPEs.

I don’t want to connect each of the 30 CPEs via fiber or create many PtP backhauls to connect these 30 hotspots. Hence, I want to build this type of network.

Having said that, can you please confirm that the Sector AP and CPEs will be able to work in a bridged mode as mentioned above?

Each of the 30 CPEs will handle approximately 20 mbps maximum traffic but not simultaneously.


Yes, the ePMP AP and the 30 STAs/CPEs can work in bridged mode. In fact, that is the default configuration of the AP and STA out of the box.

Dear CambiumSri,

Thank you for the confirmation. I will proceed with the information given above.