epmp 1000 Problem VLAN


we do a lot of testingy and we didn´t resolve the Problem:

PPPOE - Server(PPPOE VLAN 10, 99) --> AP( MGM VLAN 200)---SM (
MGM-VLAN 100, DATA VLAN 10+Membership VLAN 99)

when we put a Laptop without VLAN we come online on PPPOE Server VLAN 10, this okay
but when we put VLAN 99 on the Laptop we did not come up, with Canopy, it is working!

anybody has an idea?

thx daniel


I saw this post yesterday on Animal Farm.  Sorry to not get back to you quickly, but wanted to converse with the Canopy team first.  This is still in progress, but while this goes on here are some thoughts.

I am assuming that the PC is connected to the SM via the LAN interface.

We do not support Membership VLAN with NAT mode on ePMP.  Therefore, when the Membership VLAN is received from the LAN interface on the SM, it is dropped.

For the Data VLAN, what happens is an untagged packet is received on the SMs LAN port is this packet is tagged with the Data VLAN.

So what you describe is what I would expect to be normal functionality with ePMP.  

Now with that said, you indicate that you are running with Membership VLANs with Canopy.  If I recall correctly, Canopy also supports bridge mode when it is configured as a PPPoE Client.  If I am correct, is the Canopy SM in NAT or bridge mode?  If it is in NAT mode, are you saying that Canopy supports transferring the Membership VLAN tag between the private subnet to the public subnet of the NAT?  :) These are some of the questions I am asking the Canopy team.


Hi Daniel,

Think the VLAN issues got resolved in my conversation with Sven.  Let me know if there is anything else.


GREAT SUPPORT FROM CAMBIUM..everything resolved!

+1000000 WISP POINTS

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same problem here, we have a management switch connected to a cambium epmp100 ap  vlan 68/25/30 are tagged on the port (there is a management vlan68 enabled on ap)  on the STA side, the unit is on bridge mode.  I would like to receive the management vlan plus to other data vlan ( vlan 25 / vlan 30 )  When I connect my laptop on the STA side, I can only use vlan 25.   I also try to set vlan membership  25start - 25end and 30start-30end on the sta but this didn't helped.

sw version 2.3.4

any suggesion?


Hi Robert,

Could you please send me the config file (text format, please) from your SM.

If you prefer, you can send it to me at balaji.grandhi@cambiumnetworks.com.

Best Regards,